We have some exciting news!

De Beers Group Technology is transforming.

De Beers Group Ignite is our comprehensive approach to establishing the full spectrum of innovation capability within the De Beers Group.

From fundamental Research, Incubation, Commercial Technologies to Corporate Venturing, we imagine the future and bring it to life.

Commercial Technology is the function of De Beers IGNITE™ that provides world-class technology and products with premium support services to the De Beers Group and clients globally.

We commercialize selected, cutting edge technology for clients that are looking to step change the performance of their business activities, from exploration and mining to identification, sorting and the verification and grading of precious minerals.

Our goal is to enhance your business performance and impact your bottom line through leading products and services underpinned by cutting edge innovation capability.

We believe that Technology, imaginatively conceived, professionally developed, appropriately applied and consistently supported, is the best way to provide value to you as our partner, in the pursuit of brilliance.

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